Amicus Chambers is a collaborative group of retired judges of the Superior Court of Justice – Ontario.

Our offices are located at neesons and offer spacious facilities for proceedings.

Arbitration – From their judicial experience, our members are fully familiar with the adjudicative process involved in arbitration as well as the principles and various rules of procedure associated with domestic and international arbitration.

Mediation –  Judicial experience in family and estate law, corporate commercial, professional negligence, personal injury and insurance claims, contracts, shareholder rights and remedies and Native claims brings Parties together in a variety of scenarios through the process of dispute resolution by fairness, proportionality, negotiation and collaboration.

Case Management  – On this side of the Bench,  judicial experience is applied to Court referred or Party appointed interlocutory proceedings and case specific time management of proceedings together with other Motion related disputes.

Across the board, Amicus Chambers provides full option based services in all aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Dispute Resolution for mediation, arbitration and case management solutions.  Our members are consulted by governments (Ministries) and transportation agencies, police services, boards of directors, banks and corporations and individuals for their extensive judicial expertise.  Amicus Chambers members are available to support specific case needs locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.